KiwiCo Offers 30% Off For First Month’s Crate

Get 30% off first month’s crate when sign up for email at KiwiCo. Get a crate for seriously fun, science and art projects in your favorite designs.

KiwiCo provides quality, affordable and educational products for fun. Find best designing kits for kids of all ages. Get brilliant designs and full gorgeous materials of box for your kids.

Buy full interested projects for all aged of kids, choose your plan and get your first crate shipped in only 2 days, delivered monthly, you can cancel at anytime.

The art & science projects are designed by experts of KiwiCo and tested by kids for every single crate.

kiwico first month free crate

Find amazing creativity and serious fun of million crates, materials are high quality and directions are fabulous.

Join the newsletter of KiwiCo with just enter the email for 30% discount on first crate.

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