$60 Off Freshly First 4 Orders ($15 Each) Online

Get $60 off freshly first 4 orders ($15 each order) online. Enjoy fully-prepared healthy delicious meals, delivered fresh and ready to eat in 3 minutes.

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Also: Freshly Offers 15% Off Student Discount

To get $60 off first four order, use code LAUNCH15 – please note that this code will expire on 31 January 2021.

Each freshly’s healthy meal is very perfectly sized for one person to enjoy. Every meal is very delicious and tasty.

freshly 60 off promo

Freshly Benefits + How it Works?

  • Very tasty and delicious healthy meals
  • Each meal is sourced high-quality ingredients
  • Lose your weight easily because each meal is under 600 calories
  • $60 off first four orders ($15 per order)
  • 30+ menu of all-natural dishes
  • Cooked by chef and delivered fresh
  • Skip a week or cancel at anytime
  • Ready to eat very early, in 3 minutes

Freshly offers rewards meals for ordering more meals every week. Each meal have $15 discount on first four orders. Choose your favorite meals and enjoy $60 off first four orders.

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