Tidal Free Trial 3 Months 2022 Verified Offer

Get Tidal Free Trial 3 Months 2022 verified offer to listen free unlimited music with high fidelity sound. Enjoy the best quality music service with Tidal.

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Tidal is an global music streaming service that provides the best quality music with the high fidelity sound. You can listen millions of songs and watch unlimited movies by using the Tidal free trial 3 months offer. To get the full access for Tidal music streaming service, you must sign up for Tidal by using the information like first name, last name as well as password to create an account. If you love music, Tidal is a great option. We recommend that you use Tidal.

tidal free trial 3 months

The users who didn’t want to continue the trial, can cancel at anytime, anywhere. Tidal HiFi streaming service works very well on 4G/LTE networks with no issues whatsoever. But when you are traveling in a car or in any vehicle, it will be better for you to use it offline because the sound quality is very good in offline. Enjoy top-quality music streaming service at anywhere.

Through the Tidal streaming service, you will enjoy the artist’s voice completely, which will make you a fan of the artist. There are 3 plans for using Tidal streaming service, you can select the one that suits you best. All three plans are given below:


No Credit Card Required


30 Days Free Then $9.99/Month

HiFi Plus

30 Days Free Then $19.99/Month

Sound Quality: Good

Sound Quality: HiFi

Sound Quality: Master Quality Audio

Songs: 90 Million+

Songs: 90 Million+ and 450K+ Videos

Songs: 90 Million+ and 450K+ Videos

Limited constraints




Listen offline with unlimited skips.

Listen offline with unlimited skips.



Direct payment to the artist

How do I get Tidal Free Trial 3 Months?

First you have to login to your Tidal account, then go to My Account and there will be a subscription option, select it and click on “FREE” 3 months free trial will be active.

Does Tidal offer a 3 months trial?

Yes, Tidal offers 3 months trial to watch unlimited music streaming service for free.