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Are you looking for a personal detective who can notify you about everything you want to know? If yes, you are in the right spot. Instant Checkmate is one of the most famous United States-based online tools that provide background-checking services. The ratings of this company are very high because this company provides good services to its users. Take full advantage of this free trial and easily view the records of your friends, family members, or anyone. If you use the Instant Checkmate free trial offer then you will get a chance to search many reports for 5 days for only $1. You can check many reports from this trial in which you can see anyone’s mobile number, address, and background check. Their service should be tested first as these companies have monthly memberships which should be availed only after the trial.

With Instant Checkmate, many records are found within minutes, and thousands of people are very satisfied with it. You can access as many reports as you want by purchasing a subscription. You must use their free trial, it is better to choose a free trial than to buy a subscription. Get background checks or phone number data of any person easily. Any person’s record, address, or anything else you should use this company’s service to obtain.

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Before diving into the free trial, knowing about Instant Checkmate and how it gets the in-depth information you find on its website is essential. All the data available in the city, state, and federal databases are collected and compiled, called a public record. These records are then provided to people, but not for free.


Do you live alone and want to be aware of the kind of people around you? If yes, Instant Checkmate must be your call. You can find almost everything on Instant Checkmate, whether finding distant relatives, keeping an eye on your partner, finding census data, checking your online reputation, or finding email addresses. Not only this, but you can also find information about new and old phone numbers, criminal records, licenses, and neighbors.


You can’t expect to get all the public records for free. The information available on Instant Checkmate is collected from different countries and states, making it a primary reason for it not being free. However, they offer a 5-day trial period for only $1. Yes, you heard it right. Just visit their website, and you will see this special offer popping up. You can search for any information, including phone numbers, your spouse’s secret profiles, or your long-lost best friend. Just follow these simple steps to subscribe to a 5-day free trial:

  1. Go to the Instant Checkmate website and click on the special offer on the free trial page.
  2. Create an account by entering the required information. Once done, you will be asked to choose the mode of payment.
  3. After choosing the mode of payment, select “Secure Checkout.”
  4. Now you have signed up for a 5-day trial.

Apart from a free trial, Instant Checkmate offers two plans, monthly and single reports costing $35.12 and $29.95. These plans include court documents, contact information, criminal records, address history, and more.


Initially, the central purpose of Instant Checkmate was the safety of people when they met their partners through online dating apps. To date, it promises complete safety and security. A valid SSL certificate is used by its website, which you can also see in the URL. Besides, they use 128-bit encryption to ensure the safety of your searches.

Instant Checkmate is not entirely free, but you can choose a free trial for your satisfaction and then go for the premium. Try the free trial and find everything you ever wanted to know.