10% Off Allbirds Healthcare Discount 2022

Allbirds Healthcare Discount 2022 is giving 10% discount in the U.S for nurses, doctors, medical professionals and hospital employees.

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Allbirds is offering discounts to all healthcare workers living in the United States. If you’re a nurse, doctor or any hospital employee then you’ll get this offer. You just need to verify your identity with “SheerID” by fill your information to receive the discount.

Allbirds healthcare discount

Anyone who completes their healthcare verification will receive a promo code from Allbirds on their e-mail, which can be used to get a discount. This promo code can only be used once. Allbirds Healthcare Discount is for US residents only.

Allbirds thanks all the healthcare workers who helped people in difficult situations. Allbirds say it is our duty to give gifts to healthcare workers and give them discounts on shopping at Allbirds.

Does Allbirds offer Allbirds healthcare discount?

Yes, Allbirds provides 10% discount for healthcare workers.

How to get Allbirds healthcare discount?

Simply just verify your doctor, nurse or medical professional identity with “SheerID” to be eligible for Allbirds healthcare discount.